Our Mascot "Rebel"

A brief bio about our mascot "Rebel".

    Rebel is a 3 & half year old Golden Retriever, half Chocolate Labrador that works at Sign Dynamics. He has worked at Sign Dynamics since he was a puppy and as you can see by his sweet face and soulful eyes, he is the greatest dog, that is…until a customer comes in. This is when he turns into a growling, barking, hair standing up on his back, customer terrorizer.

    Some people take it personally, but you shouldn’t, he does it to everyone. He usually warms up to you right away, especially if you have treats, so treats are definitely recommended.

  He is great at tricks, shaking hands, high fives, crawling and rolling over are just a few of his favorites. He will also drop dead if you pretend to shoot him. He has a good friend Napoleon (a Chow) who has been hanging out with him.

    So stop by and visit Rebel and Napoleon.

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